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Wealth. The Asset Management Mandate


Preserving, growing, and maintaining your wealth requires expertise and strategic management. With our Wealth Management Mandate, we offer a bank-independent advisory process putting your strategy and portfolio on a solid foundation. We offer needs-oriented and lifecycle-aligned investment strategies with different risk-return profiles to choose from.

In asset management, we take a new approach by aligning asset management with absolute return and acting dynamically. Our goal is to generate a positive return in any market environment, even during unfavorable market conditions. even during unfavorable market conditions. We achieve this by utilizing innovative financial products and alternative investment strategies.

You have the choice: managing your assets on an absolute return approach or traditional asset management.

Based on your chosen strategy, our investment specialists will construct and professionally manage your portfolio. Regular discussions with your client advisor and periodic portfolio statements ensure that you are fully informed about the developments of your portfolio. At Swisschange, you entrust your wealth to capable hands.

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Specialized in assets from CHF 500,000 and equity mandates from CHF 50,000.

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Do you want to play it safe? We are so confident in our service that if you are dissatisfied, we will refund our management fee. No questions asked. Of course you can cancel the contract at any time. There are no hidden clauses with us. Trust in the extensive experience of our stock market experts.

Advice. The Investment Advisory Mandate


Are you an active individual investor?

We are here to support you optimize your wealth and take advantage of market opportunities. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our financial experts and start your financial success story now.

Active Advisory is designed primarily for experienced clients like yourself who have an interest in financial markets. This tailored solution offers proactive advice and comprehensive support based on your individual needs. You make your own investment decisions, and we assist you along the way.

Our specialists actively monitor global financial markets, ensuring that you stay informed and receive relevant information and recommendations for your investments.

By using innovative financial instruments and alternative investment strategies, we aim to generate positive returns in both favorable and challenging market conditions. We follow a dynamic approach, focusing on achieving positive returns in any market environment. Benefit from the expertise of our experienced investment specialists.

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DepotCheck. Sustainable Success

At SWISSCHANGE , the comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities of your investments is our top priority. We understand the craft of wealth management to be essential to a sustainable investment strategy. Our goal is to offer you higher returns while optimizing costs, as ultimately, the return on investment is what matters to us.

Independent advice is a central component of our service. As a bank-independent financial service provider, we act solely in your best interests. Your individual needs and goals are at the core of our advisory services. We take the time to understand your financial situation and personal preferences in detail. Based on this information, we develop customized investment strategies that support your long-term financial goals.

With us, you have a trustworthy partner at your side who will accompany you in the optimal structuring of your assets. Benefit from our experience, expertise and independent advice. Together, we work towards achieving your financial goals and shaping a successful future.

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Our expertise for portfolios of CHF 50,000 or more

"Thanks to ongoing dialogue with our specialists, you'll stay informed and receive comprehensive updates on current market developments at all times."

Dr. Adriano G. E. Zanoni