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We understand that each financial circumstance requires tailored financing solutions. Through negotiations based on income, loan-to-value, affordability, amortization, property value, region and other factors, we secure the best terms for your mortgage.

We relieve lenders of labor and acquisition costs. As a result, you will not only benefit from lower interest rates compared to the house bank, but also from the free consultation with our mortgage experts.

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Save time and money. We'll compare your mortgage options, review your documents and get back to you within 24 hours with a customized financing proposal. Speed, simplicity and transparency for you.

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From hundreds of mortgage offers, we show you the best and take care of the reliable financing processing for your dream property. With our free comparison, we ensure you the best interest rates and loan terms to make your real estate dreams come true.

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* Indicative interest rates may differ (public data). Individual terms are based on mortgage model, loan-to-value, affordability, amortization, property value, region, income and free assets, among other factors.


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With SWISSCHANGE Start. you will be the first choice of real estate agents as a certified prospective buyer.

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Every house purchase depends on the financing. We calculate within 24 hours how much home you can afford, so you can relax and search for your dream home. As soon as you have found your dream property, you submit the financing confirmation to the real estate agent and enjoy a competitive advantage with your already verified financing capacity!

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Benefit from our exclusive broker network and get access to properties before they are publicly available. Just tell us the key data of your desired property (location, size, budget) and we will connect you with the responsible brokers. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for your real estate dream!

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Secured with tailored pension insurance coverage

With SWISSCHANGE Vita. our customers benefit from free pension analysis and financial planning

Tailored pension solutions for you and your family


Termination and bankruptcies

Mortgage termination due to disability
Proportion of forced sales of residential property in CH in 2022

Financial situation after retirement

A little to clearly deteriorated
Clearly improved

Buildings inadequately insured against natural hazards


Source: Swiss Insurance Association

Pension analysis and pension planning

Make provisions early to protect your mortgage, your home and your future. Pension analysis and planning is essential. It ensures your financial stability in retirement and mitigates the risk of an ongoing mortgage.

Financial planning

Provide financial security in retirement. Well thought-out financial planning for retirement is of great importance for working people in Switzerland. It ensures your standard of living, enables you to achieve financial goals and provides protection against risks as well as tax optimization.

building protection

Provide long-term security and maintain the value of your property. Protect your property with buildings insurance. It provides financial protection against fire, storm, water and natural hazards.

Is the price of your dream property right?

With SWISSCHANGE Value. you buy your dream property at the best possible price.

Maximize the value of your real estate investment


The purchase of real estate is a transaction of great financial significance for both private individuals and professional investors. Contrary to the previous upward trend, real estate prices are stagnating or falling in some regions. Conventional statistics do not reflect this current trend. With SWISSCHANGE Value you get a negotiation professional on your side, with whom you buy your property at a realistic market price.

Take advantage of our expertise in home price negotiations. Our experienced experts are here to help you negotiate the fairest price for your home. Learn more about our offer!

The building fabric of a property has a significant influence on its value. Good condition and sound construction quality can increase the value, while damage or defects can decrease the value. For this we rely on our construction specialists.

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Financing optimization for your real estate portfolio

With SWISSCHANGE Loan Pro. you benefit from a free savings analysis for your real estate portfolio.

Optimize your real estate portfolio


Free savings analysis

With our free savings analysis, we optimize the key areas of interest costs, interest rate risk, amortization and financial flexibility. Our professional interest rate management reveals the optimization potential of your real estate portfolio, and our guarantee of success ensures that we prioritize your interests. “If you don’t save, we don’t cost.”

We provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of mortgage financing and interest rate hedging for investment properties. We support private individuals with a financing volume of CHF 3 million or more, real estate companies, housing cooperatives, companies and public legal institutions.

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