Financially secure. No matter what.

Financial provisions for my family. our house. retirement. the mortgage at old age.

family protection

What happens if you can no longer work due to accident or illness? What are the financial consequences? Can you go on living like this? In case of accident or illness, your family will only receive part of your salary.

Private bankruptcies and termination of the mortgage as a result of
Disability 50%
Death due to
Cardiovascular diseases 40%
Death due to accident
Death 4%

Building protection

As a real estate owner, it is important to secure your assets optimally. Learn more about the possibilities of mortgage financing.

Financial and pension planning

When and how can you save taxes? What about retirement? What is better: a pension or a lump-sum withdrawal?

I want to know how my family is protected.
Financial planning
Protecting the family is a wish of many owners.

Patrizia Peer


Protect your family

Is my family financially secure? I want there to always be enough money, no matter what.

Secure income

Your car's got full insurance. What about you? Check that your income is secure, even if you are unable to inherit.

Enjoy retirement

So you have enough money for the sunny side of life. Make sure you're safe now so you can enjoy it later.