SWISSCHANGE is a collective of outstanding people who feel an urge to challenge the status quo to create great things.

Aware of constant change and renewal, we regularly question everything we do and observe. It’s easy to say YES. But it takes sharp senses and the courage to drive change. This is what motivates us to new achievements every day.

Adriano Zanoni


Nancy Spira


Stefan Bühler

Secretary of the Board

Mira Röseler

Head of Operations and Strategy

awarded by
Stiftung Finanzplatz Basel

SWISSCHANGE Financial Services has been awarded an award by the Stiftung Finanzplatz Basel. Ralph Lewin, President of the Basel-Stadt Government Council, chaired the foundation in 2004.

Who we are

The most important in brief
Legal form

Swisschange Financial Services AG is a stock corporation under Swiss law and was founded in 2003. The majority of shares is held by an independent group of investors. Swisschange is not listed on the stock exchange.


Swisschange is an accredited member of the Association for Quality Assurance in Financial Services (VQF). The VQF is one of the largest self-regulating organisations (SRO) recognised by the Federal Anti-Money Laundering Control Authority.


Shortly after its foundation, Swisschange was awarded a recognition prize by the Foundation Stiftung Finanzplatz Basel.