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You want to realize your dream of owning your own home? As independent mortgage advisors, we compare over 300 offers for you free of charge and secure the ideal financing for your new mortgage. Realize your real estate dreams with us.

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Is the term of your existing mortgage coming to an end? Very good. Our experts will review your existing mortgage and find the best terms for your follow-up financing.


Ready for your next real estate project? Secure your optimal construction financing with personal advice, loan comparison and support with subsidies. Together, we will realize your successful real estate project.


You want to buy residential property with the aim of renting it out? We carefully weigh the opportunities and risks with you and find the right financing for your investment decision.


Looking to invest your free capital and grow your real estate portfolio? We will work with you to develop a customized financing strategy to maximize the full potential of a mortgage on your second property or vacation home.

Lester Steinger

“With House of Mortgage as your experts, you choose the best financing solution for your dream home. Benefit free of charge from a customized mortgage comparison, low interest rates and transparent contract terms, all free of charge. No fine print, no catch. Promised.”

Lester Steinger, CEO

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